Equipment Enclosures

A SafeSpace prefab modular enclosure protects your sensitive equipment from weather and vandalism. Whether your requirement is freeze protection, heat shielding, protection from abuse or just keeping things clean, our versatile prefab enclosures offer a quick and inexpensive way to protect your equipment. They are designed to meet code, be installed quickly and easily relocated, if required.

Common uses are:

Plumbing Enclosures

Pumps, valves and other mechanical plumbing equipment are protected with our versatile prefab enclosures.  They can be insulated, heated or cooled to keep your plumbing systems operating in the harshest environments.  These equipment enclosures are quickly and easily installed to save time and cost on site.  Ideal for a prefab pump house, valve house, fire protection equipment enclosure, etc.

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Electrical Equipment Enclosures

Protecting control panels, network equipment, service panels, generators and other electrical equipment is easily and quickly accomplished with a prefab electrical equipment enclosure. These factory assembled enclosures are built to meet your requirements for temperature control, fire rating, and compliance with code.

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Machine Enclosures

Machines require adequate protection for sound deadening, dirt protection, temperature control or otherwise are in need of an enclosure. Specialized prefabricated enclosures can provide an effective and inexpensive level of protection for your equipment. Ideal for CMM machine enclosures, compressor enclosure, prefab cleanroom, motor and pump enclosures.

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HVAC Enclosures

HVAC equipment often requires enclosure or screening to for aesthetic or functional reasons. Noise reduction enclosure, temperature control, visual screening of HVAC equipment, protection from vandalism are among the common uses for these prefab HVAC enclosure. Available roof mounted penthouse enclosures or ground mounted prefab HVAC enclosure provide are designed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing.

These prefabricated modular buildings are available in bullet proof steel, precast concrete, lightweight fiberglass or insulated sandwich panel construction. Our prefab equipment enclosures are available with temperature control for harsh environments.

Optional insulated walls, roof and floors are tempered with heat and air conditioning. Explosion proof or other specialized HVAC systems are available as well.

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