Electrical Enclosures

SafeSpace has factory assembled Electrical Enclosures Built to Meet your Requirements

Our prefab electrical equipment enclosures provide protection for your switchgear, monitoring systems, control systems and communications equipment.

These insulated and temperature controlled enclosures are ideal to protect critical systems from the weather and vandalism. Non-insulated shells are available as well. We construct our prefab, modular, electrical enclosures using a variety of materials depending on your specific requirements. Our fiberglass, steel or insulated aluminum/ foam panelized enclosures come in standard sizes or can be custom manufactured for your use.

Materials of Construction

Steel enclosures: Extremely strong and durable.  Appropriate for high abuse environments, high wind, snow and seismic loads.
Fiberglass Enclosures: Light weight and strong.  Excellent corrosion resistance for chemical or marine applications.
Aluminum Enclosures: Good durability and corrosion resistance. Economical enclosure for small to medium size uses.

Size of Equipment Enclosure

Width: 6’ – 14’: Largest single piece is 14’ wide.  Larger widths available with multi-piece modular construction up to any width.
Length: 6’- 52’: Longest single piece is 52’, Longer buildings available using multi-piece modular construction.
Height: 4’- 12’: Transportation regulations require less than 12’ height for the enclosures.

Standard Options

Doors: 36” and 6’ double swing doors or roll up doors are available
Windows: Insulated, laminated or bullet proof glass available
Electrical: Heat, AC, exhaust fan, lights are common options
Floors: “Open Bottom” units can be placed on your slab or insulated floor systems are    available with VCT, checker plate metal or rubber tile flooring.
Pipe penetrations: Provide us with the size and location of your pipe penetrations and the factory will be cut and finish the opening to meet your requirements.
Engineering Certifications: Engineer stamped drawings, State Seals and other certifications may be required and are available.

Introducing Our E-House Prefab Modular Enclosures

Are you searching for a robust and efficient solution to house your critical electrical equipment? Look no further! Our E-Houses (Electrical Houses) are engineered to provide a controlled environment, safeguarding your electrical components from the challenges of the external environment.

Key Features:

1. Environmental Protection: Insulated and temperature controlled

  • Cooling, heat, and humidity control.
  • Options for fire rating or vandal proof designs.

2. Modular Design:

  •  Speed up installation with our modular E-House prefab enclosures.
  • Reduce on-site construction noise, waste, and disruption.

3. Custom Engineering:

  • Tailored designs for each project, meeting your specific requirements.
  • Benefit from a fully assembled structure, ready for equipment and switchgear installation or
    knock down enclosures for hard to access locations.
  • Ready to install your equipment with pre-cut penetrations, bracing for mounting equipment and
    doors or hatches for accessibility.

4. Cost-Effective and Flexible:

  • Save costs with our cost-effective E-Houses by using pre-engineered designs and efficient
    factory fabrication.
  • Scalable modular construction adjusts as your needs change.


  • Industrial: Control booths, monitoring stations, switchgear enclosures.
  • Power Plants: Ideal for housing critical components in power generation and distribution
  • Battery power: Charing stations, battery testing enclosures
  • Solar power generation: Switchgear enclosures, transformer enclosures.

Choose our E-Houses, prefab modular electrical enclosures for a reliable, cost-effective, and future ready solution to house your electrical equipment. Power tomorrow with our innovative solutions today!

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