Security Vestibules

Entrance control by using a reinforced vestibule, sally port, man trap or other type of double entry door system, provides an additional level of security for access control to your important buildings.

Access control vestibule by SafeSpace Buildings is Your First Line of Defense, Securing the Public Entrance Doors of Your Facility

The screening process of people involves the use of a secure entrance system comprised of hardened glass (impact proof or bullet proof) and suitable doors with hardware designed to be tamper proof. Camera surveillance, card readers and other ID scanning systems can be engineered into these enclosures to integrate with existing security systems.

These security portals prevent piggybacking and tailgating and work well with a balance of security and speed of operation.

The safety and security of your personnel, students and staff from robberies and shooting violence is of the utmost importance. Your facility can remain welcoming to guests since the prefab vestibule has an attractive architectural design and also acts as a barrier to inclement weather and an air lock for extreme temperatures.

Since these security vestibules are a prefabricated modular design, they are installed quickly, minimizing the disruption to your building entrance way. These designs help save money and time by using pre-engineered designs and code compliant structural systems. Once delivered to your site, they are rigged into place and wired to your existing electrical systems.

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