Rapid Response Buildings

Screening and Testing facilities, Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Pharmacies, Health Clinics, Security Buildings or Booths
Prefab Modular Testing Facility or Clinic

Rapid Response Buildings

SafeSpace Buildings for Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Pharmacies, Health Clinics, Screening or Testing Facilities, Security Buildings or Booths etc…

Prefab modular medical facilities are available for immediate installation. These pre-engineered buildings are used as isolation rooms, laboratories, emergency medical rooms, temporary medical facilities, hospital overflow buildings, etc. Screening and testing for viral disease can be performed in the self-contained enclosures. Isolation and quarantine suites (rooms) are available for quick delivery as well.

SafeSpace Prefab Medical Rooms

Designed for rapid deployment to public or private health care facilities.

They are constructed to meet building codes and have their own HVAC systems to help contain any infectious disease. Transmission of viral pathogens can be contained by isolating and quarantining suspected carriers of the virus.These modular units can be a quick and temporary or permanent addition for health care providers. Quarantine is a drastic but necessary precaution when fighting a health care pandemic. SafeSpace can provide for an exterior building or a panelized wall system for use inside of an existing structure. These isolation rooms are climate controlled with filtered air and can be equipped with internet service for communication and infotainment.