Security Buildings

SafeSpace specializes in bullet resistant glass, ballistic resistant doors and armored walls.

Guardhouse Building

Our prefab guard house buildings are made to provide shelter, security and comfort.

Code regulations vary from state to state; our custom-built spaces are made to meet your location and security requirements. Prefab guard house buildings can be built with bulletproof glass, ballistic resistant doors, insulated and armored walls, sliding windows and much more. SafeSpace provides custom designed modular guardhouses that will allow your employees to work in a comfortable space while also providing safe, long lasting structures guaranteed for effectiveness.

Control Booths

SafeSpace’s prefabricated, modular control booths are used in a variety of industrial settings providing secure, well-built and durable booths

Our control booths can be built with bulletproof windows, blast resistant walls, and noise reduction options. Prefabricated Control booths can be used for sheltering machines, equipment, specialty apparatus or employees. Buildings are modular to meet your particular business and budget needs.

Parking Attendant Enclosure

Our modular parking enclosures are long lasting, providing security and comfort to your attendants.

We can customize the design with built-in restrooms, data connections and heating/cooling. SafeSpace’s custom prefabricated enclosures are designed to be incorporated into new construction or retrofit into existing facilities.

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