Exterior Modular Buildings

SafeSpace modular buildings are used for offices and classrooms Providing Code Compliant, Energy Efficient Structures that are Aesthetically Pleasing & Cost Effective

These buildings can be built tailored to your needs, with expandable and relocatable offerings for any future needs or changes.

Speed: Up to 80% faster to design and install than conventional construction by using pre-engineered designs and efficient, factory assembly technologies.

Economy: Less costly to construct and easily relocatable to provide flexibility.

Easier: Prefab design/build techniques are certified for code compliance and installed with less of the disruption of on-site construction. Interior and exterior finishes are completed in the factory as well as Plumbing Heat and AC systems.  Your modular is ready to “plug and play” when it arrives on site.

Green Buildings, Sustainable design: Modular prefab buildings are “green”

  • Built indoors, out of the weather, at an ideal temperature so materials stay dry and eliminate the moisture that can support mold
  • Waste is reduced or eliminated in a controlled environment
  • Construction is indoors so no noise, dust and traffic on the site
  • Materials are monitored for low VOC, high recycled content.
  • LEED AP on staff to assure compliance with sustainable design

Common uses: Modular office space, portable modular classrooms, prefab security guard buildings, hospital buildings, prefab dormitories, equipment enclosures, dispatch offices, prefab storage buildings, control rooms.

Sizes: 8’x 25’ up to 60,000+, sq. ft. Multi-story modular design.

Exterior Modular Offices

Safespace Buildings exterior modular office space can provide a cost effective way to add to or expand your current offices.

We can create a custom space to fit your needs and work with you to provide for future growth and flexibility.  Our buildings are built strong to withstand rough weather conditions, meeting or exceeding building codes. From a few hundred square feet to large, multi-story buildings, we will assist in the design and installation of the modular office building.

In house architectural and engineering can help design your modular building to meet your requirements for interior space and assure that the exterior is aesthetically pleasing.

Our exterior modular office space includes:

  • Framing: Sustainable Wood, Recycled Steel, precast concrete or an insulated sandwich panel.
  • Exterior siding: Choice of Brick, Vinyl, Hardipanel, Smartpanel or ribbed steel.
  • Interior finish: Gypsum, FRP panels, Vinyl covering
  • Wall Construction: Insulated, finished, fire rated (if required)
  • Roofs: Flat Rubber, standing seam pitched or mansard style
  • Bathrooms: Toilets, sinks , showers and installed and pre-plumbed
  • Heat/ AC: Central hvac units, either gas or electric are preinstalled and balanced

Modular School Buildings

Our modular classrooms and school buildings provide the same modern technology, comfort and aesthetics of site built construction.

Modular Classrooms

SafeSpace’s modular classrooms are constructed in a controlled factory     setting, more quickly and less expensively while still meeting all codes and functional requirements of today’s school buildings.  Sometimes called portable classrooms or “trailers”, these terms do not describe our modern modular classroom buildings.  Our prefab modular classroom buildings look and feel like “real buildings”.  They can have brick, stucco or metal panel exterior to blend into your campus or create a distinctive addition.

  • Size: Single classrooms or multi classroom complexes are available. Bathrooms, teachers lounges, and administrative support space can be included.
  • Appearance: Designed to match your existing buildings or provide a unique appearance by using brick, stucco board, vinyl or Smartboard siding, pitched or flat roofs and high quality doors and windows.
  • Function: Our modular buildings are ideal for classrooms, labs, conference rooms and office space.
  • Flexibility: Easy to re-locate or expand, these modular classrooms adapt as your needs change.

Modular Dormitories

Student housing, using modular building technologies is a better way to build dormitories.  The ease of design and construction, using predesigned floorplans, customized to meet your specific requirements make the process faster and more cost efficient.  Prefab dorms have been installed at many leading educational institutions because of their ability to be install in the summer months, with less disruption to campus life.  These buildings are energy efficient and  employ “green” construction techniques for the health of students and lower cost of operation.

Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Using our pre-engineered designs and factory efficient construction, your modular industrial or commercial building is durable, low maintenance and affordable.

Warehouse space, retail space, any commercial building can be easily constructed using our fully assembled or panelized systems. SafeSpace can provide a turnkey building or just a shell, to be finished on site to meet the best balance of factory efficiency and design flexibility.  In business, time is money.  Since modular prefab buildings are faster to construct, you are up and running 50% faster, increasing ROI.

  • Size: 500 sq ft to 10,000+ sq ft.
  • Construction materials: Choose from steel, concrete or wood frame construction depending on the specific use of the building.
  • Advantages: Pre-engineered designs, speed of construction, economical, code compliant.

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