Freeze Protection

Your equipment needs to be protected in winter.

Freeze Protection Enclosures – Fire Pump House

Your equipment needs to be protected in winter so it functions properly when it’s needed. Our modular enclosures are perfect for keeping your expensive, essential equipment safe and guarded. They are extremely durable and can with stand all the elements winter will bring.
We construct prefab modular enclosures such as Fire Pump House using a variety of materials depending on your specific requirements. Our fiberglass, steel or insulated aluminum/ foam panelized enclosures come in standard sizes or can be custom manufactured for your use.

SafeSpace Modular Enclosures Are Perfect For

Our structures are being used for a variety of plumbing equipment uses such as:

  • Pump house
  • Valve enclosures
  • Fire protection equipment enclosures
  • Metering equipment protection
  • Freeze protection for pipes and valves
  • Monitoring equipment enclosure