Hazmat Storage Building

All SafeSpace modular prefab enclosuresMeet Regulations for OSHA, EPA, NFPA and FM

These regulations include:

  • Secondary Spill containment
  • Marked with signage for proper hazard signage
  • Secure/ Lockable
  • Weather Proof
  • Fire Rated, as appropriate

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Drum Storage

The safe way for collection in hazardous material storage building is with protected drum cabinets.

These prefabricated, modular storage units are equipped with the structural integrity, fire rating (2-hour fire rated, 4-hour fire rated) and climate control to safely store your hazardous waste and flammable chemicals.  Hazardous material storage & handling features such as loading ramps, shelving and drum cranes are available.  Our prefab chemical storage buildings are code compliant (NFPA 30, FM Approved, IBC, State Codes) for storing sealed drums or mixing and dispensing.

Pallet Storage

Our P-Series pallet storage enclosures are the perfect solution to your palletized drum storage needs.

We offer a variety of sizes and configurations. SafeSpace P-Series storage lockers are the ideal solution for containment of palletized drums and other bulk material. These lockers offer fast, efficient forklift loading and unloading with a choice of multi-level storage and convenient access for simplified materials handling and containment. P-Series lockers can be equipped for dual-sided access, single or two-tiered storage of palletized 55-gallon drums.

ModelSize# DrumsDoors
2 Pallet10′ x 5′ x5’H8(1) 9′ x 5′
4 Pallet10’x 5’x 10’H16(1) 9’x 9′
6 Pallet15′ x 5′ x 10’H24(1) 13′ x 9′
8 Pallet20’x 5′ x 10’H32(2) 9’x 9′
10 Pallet24’x 6’x 10’H40(2) 9’x 9′
12 Pallet30’x 6′ x10′48(3) 9’x 9′
16 Pallet20’x 20’x 10’H46(4) 9’x 9′
24 Pallet30’x 10’x 10’H96(6) 13’x 9′

Dispensing Stations

We offer a range of dispensing stations that will allow you to quickly and efficiently contain any hazardous spill or leak.

These dispensing stations are a quick and ideal way to prevent spills or leaks. We integrate Secondary Spill Containment sumps that contain hazardous liquid spills in accordance with EPA regulations. Proper ventilation and fire protection systems are installed at the factory, ready to plug in. These are offered for both indoor and outdoor use.

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