Infrastructure Support Buildings

Build Buildings Better Infrastructure Support Buildings

Modular Prefab construction techniques for infrastructure are more environmentally friendly, faster and less expensive.

With legislation approved to bolster infrastructure while focusing on environmentally responsible construction, modular construction is gaining recognition for being inherently “Green” in many respects.

The noise, waste and disruption of the construction process is reduced by building off-site in a factory controlled environment. Modular is the way to build buildings better!

Roads and Bridges

Prefab modular toll booths, border check points, electrical control enclosures can be delivered to the site, fully assembled and ready to be put into use. This process accelerates the construction process and allows the roads and bridges to open sooner, creating and safer and less disruptive process.

US Homeland security border crossing

Boston Draw Bridge Control Tower

Energy production / Electrical Generating plants

Security at our energy generating plants is improved by using SafeSpace prefab guardhouse to check in visitors and screen all personnel entering the facility. The modular enclosures are also used to house fire protection pumps and equipment to keep the facility safer.

Modular Guardhouse Security Building

Prefab Fire pump enclosure

Water and Wastewater Facilities

The chemicals used to purify water and treat wastewater are often hazardous, when stored in quantities. SafeSpace hazmat storage buildings provide code compliant storage for these chemicals, preventing any possible leakage or risk from fire.

Pumps and valves are also protected by our temperature controlled modular enclosures.

Prefab hazmat chemical storage building

Prefab pumphouse

Public Transportation

Security personnel are well protected in our prefab security buildings. They can monitor foot traffic and keep an eye on the departing and arriving busses, trains and airplanes.

The infrastructure required for transportation hubs is substantial Sensitive control centers and equipment enclosures are protected with bullet proof, blast proof and fire rated construction.

Boston South Station Security Building

George Washington Bridge Police Annex

Boston Train Bridge control

Railroad air compressor enclosure

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