GSK Connecticut

About the Project


One of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the World, Glaxo Smith Klein (GSK) recently opened a new R&D facility in Connecticut. This laboratory uses a variety of chemicals in their research which may be hazardous to the environment. For this reason, SafeSpace was contacted to provide a specialized enclosure that would mitigate the risk of using and storing these hazardous chemicals.

Using prefab modular construction, an enclosure was designed that was fireproof, blast proof and could contain any accidental chemical spill. It also needed to provide a tightly controlled and monitored interior environment. Advanced fire detection and suppression systems as well as monitoring equipment for VOC’s and temperature changes were integrated to provide early warning of any dangerous incidents. All systems needed to be rated for a Class 1 Division 1 hazard class environment.

The result is this prefab modular building that came from the factory with all the required equipment already installed and tested. The extensive engineering review and approvals gave the authorities assurance that this modular building was built to code and included state of art controls to make it the safest possible place to manage GSK’s hazardous chemicals.