Modular Prefab UPS Enclosure

About the Project

Grafton, MA

Uninterrupted Power Supply, UPS electrical equipment requires special enclosures to house these critical batteries and switches. Building codes often require a fire rated enclosure, monitoring and possibly fire suppression, depending on their size and location. Even if the enclosure is outside, a fire rating may be required or desirable to protect this sensitive equipment.

SafeSpace has provided these specialized modular prefab power backup systems enclosures for both interior and exterior applications. A careful review of applicable codes, combined with the provision of 3rd. party engineer stamped prints, assure the local building officials and insurance company that the UPS enclosure is designed, constructed and inspected per code.

Since the UPS enclosure is constructed off-site in a factory, site construction is minimized and accelerated. This reduces the amount of noise, disruption and security issues involved in the construction process.

SafeSpace provides a fully functional UPS enclosure for energy storage in half of the time and at a significant cost saving by using pre-engineered design and prefabricated construction.

Modular prefab UPS enclosure