Prefab Security Building Installed at Irving Tissue Company

About the Project

MACON, GEORGIA, USA, April 28, 2020 — Answering the call for increased demand on toilet paper, Irving Tissue has brought online, a new manufacturing facility in Macon Georgia that is cranking out over 3 Million rolls per day.

“This guardhouse from SafeSpace is really well built and very solid”
— James Gunn – Facility Manager

Entrance to Irving Tissue Macon GA

Parent Company J.D. Irving is one the largest privately owned companies in North America. Its oil, shipbuilding, and food production businesses make Irving an extremely diverse and valuable company. The Consumer Products Division of Irving owns more than 6 million acres of land, devoted to forestry products. One of the primary destinations of the tree farming of this land heads to Macon to be turned into toilet paper under the brand names Scotties. Irving made a commitment to the Macon area two years ago and with the help from tax incentives awarded by local authorities, built a brand new 400,000 sq. ft toilet paper manufacturing facility. The combination of affordable land and high quality local labor made this facility so successful that Irving has recently committed doubling the size of the facility within the next two years.

Modular Security Building Delivery Irving GA

Access to the facility is being controlled by an innovative new security system. The fast track nature of this expansion lead them to employ modular construction techniques to provide a high security guard station at the entrance to check in visitors and truck drivers. The prefab guardhouse, supplied by SafeSpace Buildings, is an example of rugged welded steel modular construction. Because the guardhouse was constructed off-site at a factory, it was able to be delivered quickly as soon as the Entrance area was ready. The modular guardhouse was designed to be packed with security monitoring equipment and was equipped with a locker area and bathrooms for the comfort and convenience of security personnel.

Prefab Security Building Installed Irving Tissue Company

Security is a vital aspect of maintaining safety for the plant’s workers.”This guardhouse from SafeSpace is really well built and very solid” said James Gunn-Facility Manager at Irving Tissue. Construction of the expansion will involve over 1,000 workers and add another 150 factory jobs. The SafeSpace Buildings guardhouse is a small but vital part of maintaining a safe construction site while running the factory at full capacity to meet the demands of toilet tissue in these challenging times.