Welcome Center for P&G

Proctor and Gamble recently trusted SafeSpace Buildings to provide a new Welcome Center for their factory at Tabler Station in West Virginia. They needed to have a convenient and secure facility to allow contractors to check in before beginning their work.

“The site is a busy place”, commented Vera G. of P&G. Conventional site built construction would take too long and be too disruptive in this active area. Using modular construction methods, the prefab security building was built off-site in a factory and delivered as a completed building, ready to “plug and play”.

One requirement of the modular building was that their security team needed to have maximum visibility for visual monitoring of the surrounding area. Large windows and a storefront style door were provided, allowing for uninterrupted viewing of the site. Security cameras, card readers and other security devises were designed into the modular to enhance their electronic security surveillance.

The building was provided with Stamped Engineer Plans and calculations to assure the local authorities that the building was designed and constructed to meet all applicable building codes for this location. Permits were easy to obtain because the documentation was extensive. Physical inspections made during construction by a licensed engineer, assured that the construction was completed according to the plans.

Saving time and cost was important to P&G but only if quality workmanship was not compromised. SafeSpace Buildings was proud to offer a high quality, energy efficient and fully functional building to meet the exact requirements of Proctor and Gamble.