Fire Rated, storm and sound proof prefab enclosures built fast and easy

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SafeSpace Electrical Enclosures

Prefab pumphouse

Protecting your electrical and mechanical equipment is easy with a prefab modular equipment enclosure. Faster and much easier than building a small enclosure on site. These modular enclosures are engineered to meet code for fire rating, temperature control, sound deadening or just to keep your valuable equipment safe from storms or vandalism.

Two or 4 hour fire rated, high wind or snow load, ballistic or blast proof. Code compliance for your specific requirements are pre-engineered into our modular enclosures to assure conformance. They can be engineer stamped and third party inspected to assure compliance and guarantee safety.

SafeSpace Modular Enclosures

Fire protection equipment, pumps and valves and electrical control panels can be housed inthese units, preventing freezing and allowing for easy service. They can have an “Open Bottom” that drop s over your existing equipment, making installation simple and quick.