Modular Security Center at Exelon Energy, MD

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Exelon Energy is investing in their clean energy Hydro power plant in Darlington Maryland. This facility uses the power of moving water to drive generators, producing clean, environmentally friendly electricity. The power station is protected from intruders with a state-of-the-art security system using SafeSpace’s modular security center. The security checkpoint screens visitors before they enter the facility. This booth is packed with cameras and screening equipment to make sure anyone entering is fully vetted.

Exelon chose SafeSpace for this project because of their depth of experience in providing high security, rugged prefab modular structures. The modular approach allowed for quick construction since it was built off site in a factory while the new entrance area was being prepared. This cut construction time in half and reduced the amount of disturbance in this busy entrance area.

“The security booth is very well built and working well,”

— John Facleo of Exelon.

The stone exterior walls and standing seam roof add a pleasing aesthetic appearance to complement the attractive landscaping, creating an aesthetic and functional entrance to the facility.