Power Plant Enclosure: Toronto Canada

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SafeSpace Buildings protect key infrastructure equipment at electric power generating plant.

Hydro 1 is a large energy producing plant outside of Toronto Canada where equipment is subjected to extreme temperatures and inclement weather.  To keep this equipment from freezing, the Utility company trusted SafeSpace Buildings to provide a fire rated, temperature-controlled enclosure to house their mechanical equipment.

The prefab modular enclosure was shipped complete to the equipment assembly factory and lifted into place on top of sensitive mechanical equipment.  Since it was to be in a potentially hazardous area of the power plant, the prefab enclosure needed to be fire rated, to protect the equipment from harm, should a fire break out.  Also, if something went wrong inside the enclosure, the fire rating would protect nearby structures.

SafeSpace provided all the engineering approvals to assure it was built to withstand extreme weather and excessive heat and cold.  Because it was constructed in a factory, it was built mid-winter with no disruptions in schedule or the quality of construction.

SafeSpace is glad to be part of helping to provide reliable electrical power to homes and businesses throughout the US and Canada.