SafeSpace is Awarded NASA Project

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NASA selects a SafeSpace enclosure for a Modular Control Room for their expansion of the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland OH. Apparently, making spacecrafts is a noisy business. Their engineers need a quiet place do to their work. Our sound deadening modular office should work just fine.

The control room required a quiet work environment for the NASA engineers at their research facility.
Special sound deadening panels, doors and windows were fabricated to provide an STC 45 noise
transmission rating. Modular construction was selected because it could be prefabricated in the factory
while the site work was being completed. The engineering time was also compressed because the
system used pretested and certified panelized construction build the enclosure.

The result was a high performing acoustic control room constructed in just over 2 weeks. This process
saved time and money and let NASA get on with their mission.