University of Rochester Medical School

University of Rochester Medical School
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About the Project

Rochester, New York

Dirty laundry isn’t usually a hazardous substance unless it’s from a medical school. In that case, it may
be soiled with solvents, infectious organics materials, even low-level radiation. Careful handling and
special containment are required to assume the safe handling and treatment of this waste stream.

SafeSpace responded to this challenge by designing a fire rated containment structure for the Medical
School. It includes fireproof walls, fire suppression systems and an advanced ventilation filtration system
to protect personnel and nearby buildings from any possible threat posed by these materials.

Since it is located near a busy loading dock, off site construction methods allowed for minimal site
disruption compared to conventionally built buildings.

Speed of construction, clean installation and a stringent review of the engineering details assured the
University that this facility was built and installed in the fastest and safest way possible.

University of Rochester Medical School