Bristol Meyers Hazmat Storage within Existing Warehouse

About the Project

Bristol Meyers needed to create a hazmat storage enclosure within their existing warehouse.

Instead of hiring outside engineers and contractors to construct a code compliant enclosure, they trusted SafeSpace to design and install a suitable enclosure.

SafeSpace utilized FM approved construction and prefabricated design to engineer a code compliant enclosure.

The result is a 4 hour fire rated building with roll up doors that are remote controlled from the fork lift for easy loading of drums.

Push back pallet racks make accessing the drum pallets that much easier.

The fire suppression included: a self -contained dry chemical fire suppression system as well as a wet pipe fire sprinkler which tied into their existing system.  The secondary containment sump was sized to accommodate any spill of the drums, plus additional capacity for the water sprinkler.

The unit was off -loaded, rigged into their warehouse and connected to their power, water and building management system all accomplished within days.

The stamped, engineered plans, State Certifications and FM approval provided assurance that the hazmat enclosures design and fabrication met all applicable codes for the safe storage of their hazardous materials.  The added benefit was that everything was accomplished in a few weeks, saving months and considerable expense over conventional design build site construction.