Hoosier Energy Plant, Davis Junction, IL

About the Project

Hoosier Energy in Davis Junction, IL prevented disruption of their key utility distribution lines just in time for the winter weather. Frozen electrical controls have been cited as a major issue regarding the reliable delivery of energy in this critical time of year.

Hoosier Energy took preventative measures by installing a weatherproof enclosure to house their sensitive control equipment. The unit was prefabricated off-site by SafeSpace Buildings in a factory instead of building it at the Energy Plant. Construction at the Plant requires difficult logistics so as not to interfere with ongoing operations. By bringing in the prefab enclosure, they avoided the disruption normally associated with construction activities.

This prefabricated modular enclosure was easier and less expensive than constructing one on site.  It was designed to meet code for wind, snow and other engineering requirements so approval by local authorities was guaranteed.  It installed quickly, reducing the mess and disruption of conventional construction and could be moved if changes at the Plant were required. “SafeSpace really helped get this important building in place, it saved us a lot of time.” said, Chris Howard of Absolute Fire Protection, spearheading the project, “it’s a very well built unit”.

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