Federal Emergency Management Agency

About the Project

FEMA has re-drawn the flood maps in many areas, causing building owners to design for the possibility of rising storm water damage.

Rooftops are an obvious place to install critical electrical and mechanical equipment, high above any threat of rising water.  SafeSpace provides prefabricated rooftop enclosures to house vital equipment.  These modular enclosures are ideally suited for the roof because they don’t require on site construction in a difficult area to reach with construction materials and workers. They can be fully assembled to simply be lifted into place or in a kit form for easy on-site assembly.

Prefab electrical and mechanical buildings are fast to install, easy and affordable.  By using our pre-engineered building designs, you can save time and money in the process of protecting electrical controls, HVAC equipment, generators, pumps and plumbing equipment.

These prefabricated enclosures are designed to meet all building codes for wind, seismic and fire ratings.  Certified prints and factory pre-inspections speed up the approval process so the rooftop enclosure is ready in half the time of traditional construction methods.