Fort Kent Maine Customs & Border Protection

About the Project

Border security is one of the highest priorities in protecting our Nation. SafeSpace has taken on this challenge by providing bulletproof modular guard stations at the Checkpoint in Fort Kent Maine. This crossing is on the northern most point of the continental U.S. and in such a remote area that it is a tempting entry point for illegal entry or potential terrorists.

Prefabrication of these modular guard stations sped up the construction process and was less expensive due to the difficulty of transporting construction materials and workers to this remote area.

The units feature bulletproof construction, pre-plumbed bathrooms and secure areas for document storage. The high-low design allows guards to inspect both cars and trucks, without leaving the security of the guard booth.

These prefab modular buildings are typical of the structures provided by SafeSpace Buildings. Our commitment to protecting people and equipment from weather or physical threats is reflected in the innovative design of all of our pre-engineered modular enclosures.