Boston Logan Airport & Orlando Airport

About the Project

Airports need to handle hazardous material daily. Some handling is a result of FSA confiscating suspected hazardous substances at security checkpoints or found in luggage. The exact nature of these substances is not always immediately known, so they must be treated with maximum care using stringent, safe precautions.

SafeSpace has been instrumental in helping the Orlando Airport solve these issues by providing hazardous material storage enclosures to house these materials until they can be positively identified and dealt with.

In Boston, Logan Airport also has turned to SafeSpace to help minimize their risk in dealing with hazardous chemicals. Paints, adhesives, lubricants and other flammable materials are required for the proper upkeep, maintenance and repair of aircraft. Chemicals like these often can be dangerous and need to be stored and dealt with carefully.

Our enclosures were designed with advanced fire ratings, sprinkler systems and alarms to alert the authorities to any unauthorized access or potential incident involving these hazardous chemicals.

Keeping airport facilities, workers and passengers safe is our goal. We’re proud to do our part in protecting the traveling public.