Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Andover, MA

About the Project

Andover, Massachusetts

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals’ primary manufacturing facility for vaccines and a variety of other therapeutic drugs has experienced substantial growth recently. Storage space inside their facilities was getting squeezed out in favor of more productive laboratory and production space. It was decided to move bulk chemical storage out, into specialized exterior prefabricated storage enclosures.

In the process of making these drugs, they utilized a variety of chemicals that are hazardous when in a concentrated state. For this reason, SafeSpace was contracted to provide specialized prefab modular enclosures that would mitigate the risk of using and storing these hazardous chemicals.

Our prefab modular construction was designed to meet all National and local building codes for spill protection and fire ratings as well as snow, seismic and wind loads.

The results are these prefab modular buildings that came from the factory with all the required equipment already installed and tested. The extensive engineering review and approvals gave the authorities assurance that this modular building was built to code and included state of art controls to make it the safest possible place to manage Pfizer’s hazardous chemicals.

crane inputting modular storage block