Sarasota County Household Haz Waste

About the Project

Sarasota County, Florida

Sarasota County Florida is protecting the environment and helping people safely dispose of their hazardous chemicals in new State of the art prefab modular hazmat storage buildings.

The County offers free drop off and safe disposal for paints, batteries, oils, fuel and many other kinds of hazardous waste that accumulate in peoples’ garages and sheds.  This allows residents a way to clean out their homes of these toxic and flammable chemicals.

These prefab hazmat enclosures include spill containment, fire rating, explosion proof electronics and fire suppression systems, all installed and tested in the factory before delivery to the site.  They are rated for the high wind and impact resistance required for the Florida regions.

A total of four of these modular hazmat buildings are located at strategic locations throughout the County for the convenience of their customers.  We are glad to be helping keep the people and environment of Sarasota County safe!

Sarasota county Household Haz Waste

Sarasota county Household Haz Waste

Sarasota county Household Haz Waste