Massachusetts Public Transit System Boosts Security Ahead of Increasing Threats

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The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority is undertaking a system- wide security enhancement program in the Greater Boston area.  Security at potential “target” areas is being increased because of the potential for terrorist attacks that may threaten vital communication and transportation centers.

Boston’s South Station, the hub of commuter rail and Amtrack trains has recently been outfitted with a security center within eye sight of incoming and departing trains.  Direct visual surveillance along with video monitoring is keeping an eye out for suspicious activity.  The proximity of the security control center to the train platforms, allows for immediate identification and response to potential threats.  The MBTA utilized modular construction technology from SafeSpace Buildings to construct the security station to expedite construction in the busy hub.  The prefab unit was assembled and operational within 1 week, instead of a construction process that normally takes over 2 months.

Across Town, North Station has upgraded it’s security on the bridge that serves incoming and outgoing trains.  A security station was erected on top of a vision tower that now overlooks and operates the drawbridge over the Charles River.  The station has 360 degree visibility of train and boat traffic, balancing the flow of land and water transportation. The bridge is a vital link between Boston and points North, one of the busiest transportation corridors on the East Coast.  Again, prefab construction was used for the speed of construction and to minimize disruption of this congested area.

The MBTA is employing other prefab building in their train maintenance yards and security check points in  a system- wide approach.  The result is a safer, more efficient public transportation system.

South Station Modular Security Station

North Station Drawbridge control station

Rockport Station compressor enclosure