Port Authority of New York Choose SafeSpace Buildings to Provide a High Security Police Annex

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The Port Authority of New York chose SafeSpace Buildings to provide a high security Police annex to monitor vehicles as they enter Manhattan.  This is part of a 10 year, $1.9 Billion dollar renovation to the 85 year old bridge.  The George Washington Bridge carries over 50 million cars each day to and from New York City, making it the busiest bridge in the World.

 The Police annex is a prefab modular building, chosen because it could be delivered quickly, with minimal impact to ongoing operations.  The modular approach significantly reduced the disruption usually associated with a construction project, in the tight quarters where the GWB Police operate.  This prefabricated State of the Art building is packed with security monitoring equipment that provides an extra level of protection against any terrorist attack heading off known security threats.  “This modular building will definitely help the Police do their job for Public Safety” commented Project Manager Eric Sedgwick. 

This prefab modular building is fire rated for protection from exterior hazards and is packed with advanced security monitoring equipment.  It includes bathroom facilities and kitchen for the comfort and convenience of the Police personnel.

SafeSpace Buildings is doing it’s part to help the Port Authority keep us all safe!

Prefab Modular Police security building

Prefab Modular Police security building