Modular Buildings Survive FL Hurricanes – Hazmat Enclosures Remain Undamaged

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Recent hurricanes in Florida presented a major test for the safety of dangerous hazardous materials stored in local communities.  Fortunately, the addition of super strong SafeSpace Buildings, saved Florida residents and wildlife from exposure to dangerous hazmat chemicals.  Several Florida Counties in hurricane prone areas recently upgraded their Household Hazardous Material storage facilities.  There was concern that the existing facilities were not sufficiently prepared for the potentially devastating effects of high winds and wind-borne debris.

The possible failure of structures containing the hazardous chemicals collected from local homes and businesses, represented a significant threat to surrounding communities and the environment.

The solution was to install, super strong blast-resistant prefab modular enclosures, provided by SafeSpace Buildings, ( to withstand high winds and impact from debris.  These steel enclosures were engineered with secondary containment sumps, should any chemical spills occur. Welded steel walls with wind rated doors and hardware kept these modular buildings intact when the storm hit.  Although the surrounding areas suffered massive damage, the dangerous chemicals inside these structures were safely contained.

Storm preparedness technology is being developed and deployed in Florida and other hurricane prone areas.  The use of these highly engineered prefab modular enclosures exceeded current building codes and employed the best practices of advance planning in Storm Preparedness, saving residents and relief workers from additional threats.

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