Protect Your Equipment From the Cold

SafeSpace Protection From The Cold
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Protect your pipes and equipment and from the cold with a SafeSpace insulated enclosure. You can’t afford the down time and costly repairs associated with damage from freezing temperatures. SafeSpace helps safeguard your valves, pumps, control systems, monitoring equipment, anything that is subject to the adverse effects of harsh weather.

Insulated and heated enclosures come in any size from small flip top enclosures to large walk in rooms. They can be dropped over existing equipment to make installation quick and easy or incorporate floor systems that eliminate the need for costly foundations.

SafeSpace Protection from The Cold

Our prefabricated modular enclosures are easier and less expensive than constructing one on site. They are designed to meet code for wind, snow and other engineering requirements so approval by local authorities is guaranteed. They install quickly, reducing the mess and disruption of conventional construction. If they need to be moved, relocation is easy saving money and time.

If you require lights, fire protection, ventilation or other electrical equipment, it can be installed in the factory, ready to “plug and play”!

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