Prefab Construction is Growing

SafeSpace Pre-Fab Construction
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In an article for Hartford, Brad Cain writes about the many benefits of prefab construction. He cites a growing realization that prefab construction is faster, and less expensive than conventional construction.
SafeSpace Pre-Fab Construction

“The big savings come in time as the site work and the construction can take place concurrently, rather than one after the other.”

This is a huge reason prefab construction is more efficient than conventional construction. Site-prep and construction can be done simultaneously, which reduces on-site disruption and clean-up and greatly reduces the time frame needed to complete the project.

“By prefabricating buildings in an offsite environment, construction companies can better control weather, supervise labor easier, provide easier access to tools and have fewer material deliveries to a construction site. The environmental impacts on the construction site are fewer as the heavy assembly is done in a controlled location; and there are fewer lost or misused materials.”

If time is important to your project, there is no better option than prefab construction. Because of reduced waste, the end product is much more environmentally friendly than conventional construction as well.

Modern modular construction can often be indistinguishable from conventional construction once the structure is completed. With a variety of finishes and custom elements, modular structures can be made to fit stylistically to nearly any environment. Prefab offices, modular classrooms etc can look consistent with the styling of any existing structure near it.

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