Frozen, Corrosion, Explosion: SafeSpace Prevents Damage at Refinery

SafeSpace Prevents Exposion at Refinery
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Important, sensitive equipment in hostile environment is protected by innovative enclosure system developed by SafeSpace Buildings.

An energy refinery in Ohio faced the problem of protecting their sensitive equipment from cold that threatened to freeze their valves and pipes. On top of that, sulfuric acid vapors in the air and combustible hazardous materials in the vicinity held the danger of fire, corrosion and explosion.

The solution, this company found, was in modular, fiberglass equipment enclosures customized with a high performance gel coat system to eliminate the possibility of corrosion. The equipment enclosure also included insulation to prevent freezing. Explosion proof lights, heater, and wiring were added to protect the equipment and personnel.

The enclosure, provided by SafeSpace Buildings, provided a solution that worked perfectly for this project and ensured the safety of the equipment.
SafeSpace Prevents Explosion at Refinery
Best of all, the prefabricated modular enclosure was built off site in a factory controlled setting. The difficulty of performing construction in a live refinery setting was eliminated because the unit was shipped compete, ready to put in place and achieve its mission.

SafeSpace Buildings was selected for this project because of their proven track record of providing ideal prefabricated modular solutions to challenging or time-sensitive projects. SafeSpace, a trusted name in the prefabricated structure industry, provided the expertise and specific attention to detail this project required. Safespace buildings has been providing high performance modular buildings customized to the customers exact needs and budget since 1987. They provide equipment enclosures as well as security buildings and a variety of modular and pre-fab solutions for applications such as hazmat storage or security for personnel or equipment.