3 Benefits to Prefab Construction

SafeSpace Pre-Fab Construction

Modular has taken an unfair slap in the face, being thought of as nothing more than a manufactured or mobile home. However, this could be further from the case. These types of structures are the same as an on-site build, except that the pieces are made in a factory. Prefabricated homes offer a lot of benefits, which have led to their rise in popularity in recent years.

Flexibility in Design

Modular construction presents an array of choices and design possibilities. Your builder should collaborate with you on what type of design will suit your needs. Have they done a similar home in the past? Or do you need a custom design to meet your expectations? A professional builder will also be able to offer you a range of customization options that meet local and state building regulations.

Additionally, you’ll be able to change or better improve your construction specs; create your own floor plans; choose the style of windows and siding; and colors for vinyl, carpeting and much more. The home is truly yours, and everything will be functional upon moving in. If you buy a pre-owned home, you will be responsible for upgrades and repairs, which can lead to big costs.
SafeSpace Pre-Fab Construction

Better Quality Construction

A house built on site can have a variable timeframe. How soon it gets competed depends on a variable of factors, most notably the weather. A job can experience delays if rain, snow or other bad weather decides to rear its head. Site workers have to deal with the conditions around them. Is it good weather to work in? Are all the materials needed available? Are all the workers on site, or has someone decided not to show?

These issues are alleviated with modular homes. Being built in a climate-controlled factory means the weather does not dictate when work starts and begins. Tools, like custom jigs, unavailable usually on site, are able to be utilized. Your home can be assembled in a third of the time necessary to construct a site-built house.

Environmentally Friendly

Going green has been a common theme for the construction in recent years. No sector has picked up on it more quickly – in some cases, better – than modular builders. Most of these homes now use only environmentally friendly materials to construct these structures. Since much of the work is done in a factory, there is less waste as parts not used can be utilized at another point. As much of the work is done in a factory, the environment is not disturbed because of construction.

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